Website v3: Migrating from Hexo to Hugo

Jan 27, 2017
1 minute read

I not only obviously updated my website’s style, but also updated the backend.

Migrating from hexo to hugo

Migrating the hexo blog to hugo with the help of ahmed el-helw’s blog post. Following the steps in the tutorial, I further needed to add some slug meta information to some posts, because of the special chars in the german language. But the steps are simple and good to follow!

The last step was my wercker deployment to Google Cloud Storage (gcs). I used a nodejs docker container and one with the google sdk. You can look into my wercker.yml to see what happens here.

For the benchmark freaks

Hexo build

NPM-Install: 10 seconds

hexo generate: 5 seconds

All: 26 seconds

Hugo build

Hugo build: 2 seconds

All: 10 seconds


Go rocks! One of the best things about the very nice tool hugo is that it’s a simple to use binary file. That’s what makes it so fast and easy to use for Continuous Deployment.

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