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This server is part of the Tor network and sponsors traffic as a relay node.

Relay fingerprint: D30EF4C7A071A2DA4E901E48984D45EB2BA24920

ipfs gateway

You can use this server as a public gateway for your ipfs data. through the tor network.

Tor: http://ipfskrqqlv5nqbfs.onion/ipfs/{hash} (example)


email: sbani[at]
pgp: 83F6 5BFB 9D3D 55E9 97BD 1DCE 448F 0B97 0D0F F2D3
Please report abuse to abuse[at]


All provided services are free of charge! Nevertheless, you can support me and my work by donating through Buy me a coffee or Cryptocoins:

bitcoin: bc1qmqtvuzhmrf68pdy5nf6utdp636umrtpp9d4pxf
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